About Us

Our English Bulldog Family

My husband and I began breeding English Bulldogs in 2010.  It all started after having our first pet, Bruiser.  Bruiser was not just your average English Bulldog.  He was the smartest, most loyal pet ever.  When morning came, I was alarmed at exactly 7 am with a soft snort/grunt telling me it was time to wake.  When evening fell, he would bark until I began cooking dinner for our family.  Bruiser was an English Bulldog with an outstanding IQ.  He meant more to me than anything EVER in this world!

As the years passed, and Bruiser began to age, I had my 1st litter of pups from him!  🙂  That is when it all began!  I made it a goal of mine to help other people experience the joy Bruiser brought to us.  When you purchase an IrresistaBull, you are not just getting any old dog; You are getting a superior English Bulldog with a past of excellence.  A companion with an ancestry that is unbelievably unique in so many ways.  A piece of my family to yours; something we are very blessed to offer.  A pup like Bruiser is our ultimate goal; from us to you!